Medical Equipment Installation Management

Installation Management of Biomedical Equipment for a new facility is a challenging task. It requires coordination between suppliers, contractors, operators and users. It also involves intense efforts over a short period of time which normally prompts the outsourcing of our biomedical engineering team.
The process follows Medical Equipment Procurement and begins after coordinated delivery on site.
Typically, the work includes:

• Supervision of de-bulking and staging
• Supervision of installation & commissioning
• Safety & Performance Testing
• Preliminary Acceptances
• Equipment Tagging
• Computerized Management Maintenance System Setup
• Training Management Plan
• Final Acceptance

Our team hands over ta complete functional system to the Bio-medical Department including tagged equipment, digital manuals, preventive maintenance schedules, spare parts forecast, required estimated number of biomeds and biotechs.

For existing healthcare facility, our team can perform an uptake of biomedical assets. This requires specialized knowledge of equipment types, assemblies, decision taking on decommissioning of equipment based on Beyond-economic repair. Our team will hand Asset Accounting a Registry that is an accurate reflection of the Hospital.