Life Safety Compliance Review

The NFPA 101: Life Safety Code is the most widely used code for fire protection. In addition, the NFPA 99: Healthcare Facilities Code is one of the most referred to guideline.

Our team will review architectural and engineering drawings to highlight non-compliant design elements during Design. The review may also be complete during construction and operation. However, the earlier the better and les costlier to fix.

Our team will conduct a detailed building analysis in accordance with local regulations as well as the Life Safety Code. This analysis constitutes a review of the structural design and fireproofing. Within that framework, the electrical systems, plumbing, heating, ventilation, fire alarm, sprinkler system and smoke-detection systems will be evaluated.

The outcome of the process is a detailed report highlighting shortcomings and putting forward a set of recommendations. If our team is involved in the project from the beginning, then such unfortunate non-compliance should not be there.

This review is an additional layer of safety to owners, operators and more investors away from locally-mandated civil defense contractors approvals.