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Quality Management & Patient Safety

The relationship between any Healthcare Quality Management framework and patient safety is well established. Our consultants are able to provide the following services:

  • Implement or evaluate your healthcare quality management
  • Conduct patient safety surveys
  • Conduct specialized training

An integral tool for improving healthcare quality is the implementation of a Clinical Risk Management System (CRMS).

Healthcare Regulatory Compliance (UAE Only)

Complying with healthcare authorities’ regulations needs to be a proactive effort to avoid costly citations and meet patients’ expectations. We assist in explaining what authorities expect, conduct mock surveys, review documentation and provide necessary training.

Healthcare Accreditation

Whether your facility is seeking JCI Accreditation or ACHS membership, our consultants are able to prepare you for the project from the start all the way to accreditation and more importantly through the annual self Assessment and re-Accreditation.

Our services include the following:

        Review or prepare Policies & Procedures

        Conduct Gap Analysis

        Conduct Mock Surveys

        Provide specialized training

We are also open to review your requirements with other Accreditation systems.

Audiovisual / Multimedia Planning
Healthcare Facility Design

As part of our technology integration planning, our team work with you on addressing your needs and planning your requirements for media Network, Transport, Storage, Retrieval, Infrastructure, Audio, Video, Control, User Interface, Space Planning

Our clients include educational institutes, hospitals, corporate and aviation in Riyadh, Doha and Jeddah.


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