Healthcare Project Advisory

This is a high level service. We work with Project Owners, Investors and Program/Project Managers directly.

Establishing a healthcare facility is a sophisticated process that requires attention at four main tracks:

  • Facility Planning, Designing & Construction
  • Financial Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Marketing & Communication Management

The service is to ensure that all skill sets are identified and contracted. We also produce the service specification for each skill set along with qualification assessment sheet. We also ensure that scope of sub-consultants do not overlap and that deliverables from each sub-consultant complement each other. We accomplish this with a proper project integration and continuous monitoring.

Leadership and Senior Management will get their own dashboards to continuously monitor progress of their projects. Reporting is online and in real-time.

Our enrolment usually begins at the start of the project and ends after we hand over the facility to operators equipped and staffed.

This service is aimed to de-risk projects.

Post Evaluation Studies & Utilization Studies will follow after some time of operation and management.