Healthcare Facility Planning

Planning a healthcare facilities involves is a multi-step process to ensure that owner’s requirement are met. These requirements are captured by the Owner’s Functional Program prepared by the Project Manager.

Facility planners then compile a space program based on functional requirements along with zoning requirements (such as how high the building can be and how much of the land can be built-up). Working along with Architects, our facility planners will then utilize allocated spaces (separate from Primary Circulation and Mechanical Core).

Facility Planners will then compile a stacking diagram that respects departmental relationships to insure optimal circulation of patients, staff, visitor, supplies and wastes.

Where appropriate, Evidence-Based Design outcomes are incorporated to improve outcomes.

Architectural Layout Plans (single-line drawings) are then compiled along with a Rooms List for the entire facility.
Accordingly, the project budget is updated.

Normally, these Architectural Plans are then used to obtain necessary preliminary hospital permit, financing, Human Resource Planning amongst other things.

The design is further developed by the selected Architectural & Engineering Design team.