Healthcare Facility Architectural Review

We review the original architectural design by considering all relevant drawings and documents then analyzing the design. We look at spaces, whether they exist or not; we look at areas whether properly sized or not and we look at relationships whether within adequate proximity or not.

Why do it?

One reason is the design was completed very long prior to the start of the construction phase. Clients, therefore, wanted to ensure the design remain compliant to local regulations, standards and codes. Clients, also wanted to ensure the design was in line with best practices.

We also evaluate the design to ensure it meets the Client’s Functional Requirements Document.

Another reason we were asked to review a design is to update the Space Program in order to update the Financial Model.

What comes out?

We are able to compile the following:

  • Updated Space Program which in turn, is used to update the financial model by updating budgets for construction, equipping, hiring HR and so forth
  • Recommendations to adjust design to comply
  • Recommendations to adjust design to optimize
  • Update Room Data Sheets
  • Update or compile a Project Budget