When we first started our consultancy, we didn’t just compile a list of services to offer. Instead, we developed our services as per our clients requirement. We remain doing so, so if you don’t find a heading for the service you want or need, please let us. We are always working with current clients on developing new ones.


Projects we completed varied widely and included:

  • Healthcare Facility Planning & Design
  • Hospital design review (& redesign to comply with updated guidelines)
  • Medical equipment planning
  • Information & technology planning
  • Optimization & utilization
  • Pharma projects Financial Modeling
  • Hospital projects Financial Modeling
  • Public-Private Partnership projects’ development
  • Hospital Facility Commissioning
  • Hospital Operational Commissioning
  • HIS/ERP Functional Requirements review
  • Healthcare Informatics implementation planning & Support


We were fortunate to serve

  • General Architects
  • Contractors
  • Ministries of Health
  • Ministries of Education (Teaching Hospitals & Academic Medical Cities)
  • Ministry of Defense (Medical Services)
  • Private Hospitals Owners
  • Private Hospitals Operators
  • Investment Funds (Due Diligence on Buy Ins)
  • Vendors of Medical Technology (Turnkey Projects)